“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

I'm an artist that loves abstract expressionism and dabbles in semi-abstract and impressionistic landscapes. I typically paint with oils, but love experimenting with other mediums to challenge my brain. My art and process have slowly been evolving since I was a child. With life running at a crazy pace, it's nice to have a place and a reason for me to slow down, be intentional, and let my mind work at the pace it needs to. Art has stretched my mind and my comfort level; it has given a voice to the emotions that I cannot express with words. As such, my style, methods, and energy have changed in my work. It is slow and that makes me appreciate the process even more. As slow and difficult as it can be some days, I will not stop creating.

My love for art began as a child while living in Saudi Arabia. I had a wonderful teacher that pushed me in my studies of art history and applying what I learned to create my own work. As I grew, I continued my studies in the back of a framing/art supply store in Midland, Texas. I went on to study art in college, but graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design from Texas Tech University. After working for several years in the commercial design industry, my husband and I started a family and I decided to stay home to raise our children. I work from home when I scrape together a few moments between folding laundry, reading stories, and playing dress-up.